How to Explode your Self Directed IRA w/Tax Lien Investing part 1

Good morning Investors,

ffsteps1Today I will start a series of blogs that will educate you on how to make money in this real estate market.  My goal is to teach people how to be lenders

Do you know that you can invest in tax liens and deeds with your 401k, IRA, Sep account, Coverdell (education acct)?  If you answered no, you are in the same boat as about 99% of the people walking this earth.

By the time you are finished with the series of blogs, you will know how to make an informed decision on how to make up to a 50% return on your money.


As a full time real estate investor, I have been involved in just about every phase of real estate investing.  I have done rehab projects, lease options,  subject 2 deals, and  wholesaling.

Although I have made some real good money in each niche, I have never witnessed the power and simplicity of Tax Lien investing inside of my self directed Roth IRA.

I thank God for allowing me to discover this niche in real estate investing.

If you are serious about making BIG money in real estate, you just may want to pay attention to what I’m about to say.

I have cracked the code to investing in real estate.  I now team up  with the Government in law suits against property owners.  Yes, you did hear me correctly!

Tax lien investing allows you to get up to a 50 percent return on your sdira_eggnestmoney !

In order to understand this concept, you have to understand the power of  a tax lien , tax deed, and a self directed IRA.  I will cover each component one by one right here on my blog, so make sure you check here daily.

This information will change your life if you apply it.  I’m putting a manual together for anyone who is tired of losing their shirt in this market.  Never before in history has God made it so easy to inherit the land for his chosen people.

Stay tuned as I take you down a journey to success. Let me lay out the blueprint for you  to build a real estate empire for your family.

Step 1- Understanding what the best financial option is for your family!

What is a Tax Lien?taxdeedinvestors

A tax lien is a claim, or lien, imposed by the federal government to liquidate a person’s property so that the owed back taxes can be paid in full.

That simply means that uncle Sam has placed a lien on a property when the owner doesn’t pay their real estate or property taxes.  At this point, the government files a law suit against the property owner.

Who do you think is going to win this suit.  We all know that two things in life are guaranteed, death & taxes!

The government depends on property taxes to pay the teachers, police, and others.  Without this revenue, the town would be shut down.  Do you see why this system is so powerful?

The most beautiful component to this is that a tax lien takes on the senior lien position. That means that it even supersedes a mortgage.  So you are guaranteed to get paid.


The governments need their money today, so will will entice investors by giving them a super high return on their money for buying the lien today.

The state of Florida pays investors an 18% annualized return.  Georgia pays 20%.

Stop letting banks use your money to make a fortune!

If banks are only giving you .4% return on your savings accounts, why would you keep your money there!  The shocking thing about it is that the banks take your money and invest it in tax liens because they know that it is a safe return.

My question to you is how long are you going to continue to let the banks outsmart you by getting great returns on  your money?

You are going to love me for introducing you to the power of a self directed IRA.  One of my strategies is to purchase my tax liens and deeds (land) inside of my self directed roth so that I can get tax free profits for life!

I will jump deeper into the power of the self directed ira in another blog posting.  Make sure you check in every day for some more life changing information on how to take advantage of your future in times of economic chaos.

Tomorrow’s lesson will be on tax deeds!taxdeed

Until next time,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People


For more information on how to explode your self directed IRA with tax liens & deeds, you can contact me at

CL Jones to release video series on buying tax liens in Self directed IRA

Good Day Investors,


I’m so excited to announce that my new home study course on tax lien, tax deed, and land investing is about 2 weeks from being completed.  This course is a step by step blueprint to investing successfully in tax liens and deeds.  I designed this course with the novice investor in mind.  My team and I believe that our new course is the absolute best instruction guide that has ever hit the market.

We eliminate the fluff so that you can focus on just doing deals.  My goal is to help every new committed  investor succeed. The Fairfield County Real Estate Investors Association will be the premier force in Tax Lien & Deed investing.   Our team is anchored by Ginger Blomberg,  a 25 year veteran in the real estate business.    If you have ever wanted to be involved in real estate, now is the time to get involved.

Wealth is made in times of chaos!

You are now in the best position of your life!  You can be trained in tax lien investing, and learn how to make your profits explode inside of a self directed IRA.   SD IRA’s allow you to enjoy tax free returns for life!  The secret is out of the bag.

If you want to be successful, you must think like successful people think.  You must also DO what successful people do!


I want to leave you with a quick head scratching moment before I go back to completing my new home study course on tax lien & deed investing.

Here is what you DO know! (Hopefully)

The money you deposit in your savings account makes less than .05% annually? (Great return, right?)

Here is what you DON”T KNOW!

Your bank takes a significant amount of it’s portfolio funds and invests your hard earned money into Tax Lien Certificates all around the country!ffsteps

They make up to 50% Return on your investment!

Let’s do the math on this one.

50% – .4% = 49.6% *** This is the return that the banks are getting your hard earned money!  Would you like to learn how to earn that for yourself?

Well that is exactly what my new home study course will teach you.   Stop throwing your money away!

PSST!  Your broker will never tell you this information.  Why should he?  Would you tell your client this information if it was going to take money out of your pocket?

Folks,  It’s time to stop playing follow the follower! Learn how to explode you finances tax free with a self directed IRA.

Our new membership website is nearly complete as well.  This is the place that you will need to come to continue your tax lien, self directed education.  Go to and set up your page to stay in the loop.  As soon as our new site is complete you will me notified.


I pray that you will take advantage of this POWERFUL information before you slit your financial throat. Come back tomorrow for the first video that will change your zip code and your life.

Until next time,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People

CL Jones

CL Jones to release “The Ultimate Tax Lien & Deed ” Home study course

Good Day Investors,

It’s been a while since I have cruised the word press scene.  I have been finalizing my new course that will de-mystify tax lien and deed investing.  CT residents will find out how to do deals the right way.Making Money w/Real Estate

I have been coaching students who want to get in this field with out the nonsense.  If you would like to earn double digit returns of 10% – 36% with tax liens for a living, contact me and I can qualify you for coaching or consulting.  Here is my first  in depth interview with Will Hayes.  I have revealed some secrets to successful tax lien investing on this interview.

Stay on the look out for my new Land Profit System.  I will launch a new membersip website for those who are serious about tax lien investing.  I am looking to help 1000 people do their first deal as a tax lien investor within the next 120 days.  Do you have what it takes to be my next success story?moneytree_image

If you are interested in owning properties for pennies on the dollar, then you should really investigate being a tax deed investor.  Tax deed investors go to the auctions to pick up properties below market value.  As one of my students, I will teach you how to get the property without getting into a bidding war with other investors.  Would you like to invest from the comfort of your home office our living room?  Well that’s what I will teach you when you become a student.

Listen to this exclusive interview with CL Jones by Willie Hayes… on link below!

Click here to listen…

Reflections on 2008 & Real Estate Investing

Good Morning Investors,

We have reached the end of another year! A year in which the Lord has shown us his true power and mercy. I have never prayed as much as I have prayed in the year 2008.

I repeatedly ask for God’s infinite wisdom in every area of my life. I just want to thank God for all that he has done for me, and all that he will continue to do in the New Year.

I look forward to taking a Quantum Leap in my spiritual walk, as well as growing in my personal and professional life.

Happy New Year!!!

until next time,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People,

CL Jones

Use Private Money to buy tax liens certificates and deeds!

Good afternoon investors,wealth_moneyimage

I guess you can call today a double whammie day.  You are now receiving two gems today.  I have been talking about private money from day one and trying to educate the public on how to get tax free profits inside of your IRA.  You have learned the the secret is to have a self directed IRA.

Once you are set up correctly, you can use your money, which you worked hard for, to invest in real estate.  For those who chose to, you can follow the same blueprint that I have used.  My blueprint gives you direct access to my power brokers, and it gives you the chance to team up with the Fairfield County Real Estate Investors Association.  We are picking up properties for literally 10-30 cents on the dollar.

We have now decided to share some of our secrets to this new breed of investing.  This is the nuts and bolts of No B.S> Real estate investing.  I have taken away all of the excuses for not investing in real estate and making a boat load of money.

This is why I’m presenting you with one of my friends courses in tax lien investing.

Once you are exposed to this new breed of investing, which my mentor and friend Rick Dawson has exposed me to, you will see that anyone can be successful in tax deed investing.  So the first step is to get the right education.

Next, you need to apply it and take immediate action! Never before in the last 25 years has there been so  much opportunity in real estate.  It also seems like there are more investors who are actually walking the land, who want to teach others how to do it as well.

Making Money w/Real EstateI have 1 deal completed and 3 in the pipeline by using Rick Dawson’s methods.  My students are having great success with it as well.  I guess the final question is where do you fit in?  Are you ready to take immediate action today?  If you are, we look forward to helping to guide you.

If real estate investing is what you want to do, you  can stop making excuses and get together with people that truly want to help you.  Join our network and get the help that you need.  We are all in this together.  I don’t believe that only the so called gurus should get rich in real estate.  This industry makes it possible for everyone to share in the American Dream!

Order the “Deed Grabber”  today.  It’s a No Brainer for new investors who don’t know where to start in real estate investing.   Seasoned investors should explore this niche in real estate also.

I used to look forward to purchasing properties for 70 cents on the dollar…….Now I won’t spend more that 25 cents on the dollar for Land.  I don’t worry about the 3 t’s any longer.   No tenants , toilets, or termites.

Click Here! to   Get your copy of the “Deed Grabber” today and change the course of your real estate career forever.

CL gives Joe The Plumber 45 day challenge to buy 1st piece of land in florida!


 Learn how to buy Land 50 cents on the Dollar!

visit us at

New Hope for New Investors

I am so excited about what happens behind the seen, the real stuff that no one really gets to see in the world of real estate investing.  I am literally taking a mentor who has no experience in real estate investing and teaching him the business.  I put him on a 45 day challenge. 

Joe Plumber

 That’s right, under my training, I’m going to take Willie Hayes and show him how to get his first deal.  He will buy land with my tax lien goldmine secrets.  This will just prove my point that anyone can excel in real estate if you commit to yourself first, and follow the instructions of a mentor.                                                            taxliensale_pic1

Take a look at the video below.  Willie is the new Maria (you do remember Maria, right?)  Check back daily to see his progress as he tries to break Maria’s record newbie check.

Click here to play video…

How Private Money Can Change Your Life!

Good Day Investors,

I apologize for taking time away from this blog for awhile.  I have been busy preparing new real estate classes, mentoring students, and  seeking the lord’s infinite wisdom.   I thank him for the opportunity to be a blessing to everyone who visits my site.

I guess you can tell by now that I like to try to stay in alignment with the lord.  I realize that he is the key to all of my success.  He is also the key to your ultimate success as well.  I have tried to play this game called life for so long on  my own.  Things just go so much smoother for me when I stay focused on him.

Now I would like to talk about how private money can change your life as a real estate investor.  First of all private money allows you to close your deals very quickly.  In this business, cashh is king.  The person with the most cash usually always wins in real estate.  With that being said, I have decided to put together a 5 day blog series that shows you all of the advantages of using private money versus using banks.

These techniques have transformed my business.  So if you are not familiar with self directed IRA’s , you should bring your pen and pad to get the gems that I will drop over the next five days.  I will conclude the series with a webinar on November 17th.  You should be able to raise a substantial amount of money after this series.

I work very closely with my students.  If you are ever interested in partnering up with me to close a real estate transaction, please email me at cljones2008  Come back tomorrow at 11am est to get the first lesson to raising private money within the next 7 days.

Until tomorrow,

Keep God 1st, Invest in People



Christ is Alive, Change that we can belive in, Welcome our first Black President, Barack Obama

Good Morning Investors,

I guess this is that dawn of a new day.  I have just witnessed our country vote in a black man to be this country’s 44th president.  This is such a life changing event that I have been blessed to witness, and I now have more confidence that any person can do anything that they put their minds to.  We as believers of Christ, have seen with our own eyes that we as spiritual beings can speak things into existence, just as Christ did.

I am going to take the rest of the day off to just enjoy this election.  I am proud to know that I can tell my kids that they can become president.  The best thing about it to me is that I won’t be telling them a lie.  The Lord is truly Great!

Tomorrow we will get back to more real estate deals.  I have some great sales on properties in Florida for anyone looking for some great deals.

I am looking to expand my network all around the globe.  If you are interested in partnering up with me please respond to me at

Until next time

Keep God 1st, Invest in People

CL Jones

CL Jones Credits Jesus for his real estate investing success!

Good Day Investors,

As you may know, I have been putting in tons of work to make the CL Jones Real Estate Network a success for almost 3 years. I have been grinding to pave my way to success. Some of you only see how I close my blogs with “keep God 1st, Invest in people”.

That is something very near and dear to my heart. I live that phrase. Even though I may fall, I still come back to repent before God everyday. I believe that my daily surrendering is the secret to my success. The Lord knows all of our hearts.

Trust me, Jesus Christ is a living God. He is real.

My daily prayer every morning is “Lord (Jehovah), I come to you in Jesus’ name and I thank you for your blessings. What can I do for you today Lord. Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. Tell me where to go, and I’ll go there. Tell me what to say, and I’ll say it.

So I believe that He wanted me to share this with everyone tonight. I’m only a vessel that listens to my master. This is the cause and only reason for my success. I hope that this touches someone tonight. He does hear your prayers. Success is right around the corner for you.

Real estate is a vehicle to help you obtain financial freedom so that you can focus on Christ. It’s true, if you put Him first, all other things will be given to you. So I want to leave this video clip that the Lord put on my heart. Learn to be an excellent receiver as well as a giver.

I don’t know who this is for, but I’ve done my job. Thank you for all of your support. (Phil 4:13) Check out the video, then give God the glory! Now let’s do deals, so that we can all give back to God. We are blessed to be a blessing to others.

Click box below to see exclusive video from CL Jones

Until next time,


Keep God 1st, Invest in People


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